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This claim by Ross, like so many others, is a denial of the . God’s people were left entirely in the dark about Genesis until modern uniformitarian theories were invented—mainly by bibliosceptics.

More likely, this alleged frame shift has been missed because it is not in the text!

The only real difference between the two positions is that PCs deny transformism, the changing of one kind into another.

Those who promote Ross’s material as sound science should thus think again.

However, in a meeting with Dr Ross on 12 April 1999, Dr Russell Humphreys asked Ross in : ‘Do you speak Hebrew? Humphreys then said (in English): ‘You must respond in Hebrew’, to which Ross admitted his inability by responding (also in English) ‘I can’t.’ Humphreys hastens to add that he himself is not expert in Hebrew, and nor am I, but we at least know enough to understand the question and to reply using the Hebrew word for The Hebrew word for “behemoth” appears in its plural form, behema, …’ However, even beginners in Hebrew know that –a is often a feminine singular and –oth is a feminine plural.

So Ross got it back-to-front: ’ which certainly doesn’t fit Ross’s suggestion of a hippopotamus (unless it was a bonsai cedar, maybe).

Ross’s popularity in evangelical Christendom is based on several factors: Formatted as above (starting a new line and changing the font style from small capitals to italics after ‘Ph.

D.’), this gives the first impression to a skimming reader that Conner has a Ph. However, the creation is cursed (Genesis –19, Romans –22) and man’s heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9) and the thinking of a godless man is ‘futile’ (Romans ), while Scripture itself is ‘’ (2 Timothy –17).

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The real frame-shift to the Earth is very clear in the Hebrew, and occurs in Genesis 2:4, not Genesis 1:2.

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