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It's not that I have a problem with Bobby seeing me's just that...well, I don't think my husband would quite understand. It didn't help that his mom was being so free with her figure around him lately. To make matters worse I keep feeling these little rushes of wicked excitement surge though me...the pit of my stomach all the way down to my cute little bare feet. Thick and sweet..what I'd expect from a boy his age. Every few minutes as Linda reached up into a cupboard she would rest her weight on the toes of one foot, arching her heel and flexing her legs. What must it be like to have legs like that wrapped around you? Soft squishy mountainous delights that always seemed to be shifting or bobbling as she moved about. With her husband sitting next to her Linda gave her son a cute little wink as if knowing exactly what was wandering through his dirty little mind. Huge thick rubbery areola...dotted with milk glands and nipples that were made for sucking. The little nub underneath...marking the entrance to her inner sanctum. Her arms encircled him..long painted nails clawing at his back. Since he had turned 18 it seemed like every time he turned around she was half-naked. Holy shit, Mom has the biggest tits I've ever seen. This is the second time now I've seen her like this and once again she didn't really seem all that mad at me. Wow Linda, you do realize you just tasted the milk from your own son's balls..squirted out the tip of his penis probably no more than an hour ago. What must it be like to see them thrown back into a huge spread eagle..those beautiful bare feet flexed as they point in opposite directions? Bobby's cock felt like it was going to slice through his shorts. Slowly, her strong silky smooth legs slithered up around him until her heels rested against his ass...holding him against her. Oh the poor baby..must be crazy horny...sneaking up on me like that. She tore her eyes from the bulge and found her son watching her reaction. So this is why all the moms I know are trying to get an eighteen year old between their legs. It's like a jolt of electricity just shot through it. "Will you sit on my did the other morning? She felt it push back...flexing up against her warm crevice. I don't mind you coming in for a visit when I'm getting dressed. Bobby looked down and noticed a big wet pre-cum stain which had soaked through his shorts. "Thank you..after you change make sure you get that monster under control before you come downstairs." She said, giving his cock another half-smiling glance. Curiously, she brought the gob of cock-juice up to her nose and smelt. First there were those long bronze legs, which looked so soft. Her pretty face..still wet and slicked back from the shower. "Show off." She said teasingly...a nervous young girl who wanted so badly to get her hands on it. I miss you." She smiled, folding one of her sexy lacy bras. Damn though, if his father had come out of the bathroom and caught him gazing at my nudity we would have both had some explaining to do. Like most 18 year olds, he was fascinated with the bodies of middle-aged women. I can't believe my husband is downstairs waiting for his breakfast and here I am giving our son's big boner teasing little butt- hugs. Just make sure your father's downstairs first.." Linda said. The big busted mom smiled lovingly as she felt Bobby's body let out an excited quiver. Then, without hesitation, she scraped it onto her tongue. Her sexy bare feet had squatty little toes with nails that were painted a delicate pale-pink. Dangling boobs with cute little stretch marks from their weight being pulled towards her tummy. covered only by a tiny well groomed patch of thin pubic fuzz. Often times Bobby's mind would drift up into a cloud where his young naked body was laying on top of his beautiful big busted mother. Back and forth they rocked...a suspended heap of writhing flesh. "Sorry." Bobby answered, walking awkwardly out of the classroom. Suddenly Bobby was jarred back to reality by the sound of the bell. Jacobs, was at the front of the class, feeding him a dirty stare as the other kids scattered. "Hello." Linda said into her cell as she stood in the laundry room folding clothes. Below the picture was written: "FOR YOUR FRIENDS" WOW! Linda looked around the room as she thought about her next picture. Below this picture was written: "FOR YOU ONLY." OH MY GOD-DAMN!!! Bobby groaned a second time..hands shaking as he about blew his nuts.

"Okay." Bobby said, watching her slide the cups from her breasts. She poured some bubble bath in the tub as her son marveled at the cheeks of her full heart-shaped buttocks. I'm gonna cum in my fucking shorts before mom even gets in the tub. Linda stepped into the water, her butt cheeks rippling. He made no attempt to hide it as he walked over to the side of the tube. The way she thrust her breasts made Bobby's dick jump. Oh my God I've never reacted to something that way. Like an excited puppy-dog Bobby followed his mom into her room. This has nothing to do with his big penis...absolutely nothing. Want me to order you some pizza or something sweetie? After turning on the water in the tub Linda went back over, closed the bathroom door behind them and locked it. "Uh...getting better I guess." He muttered as he sat on the bathroom floor and leaned back against the wall. " She asked as she slipped her little feet from the sandals and began to unbutton her sweater. Look at all that fucking breast-meat just oozing out the top. As his mom went into the master bathroom Bobby followed her inside. Bobby's heart was racing so fast he could hardly answer. Oh my God I can't believe I'm about to let my son watch me take a bath. Linda strode over and closed the bedroom shades as Bobby stood there awkwardly waiting, the click of her high-heeled sandals and the hypnotic sway of his mother's buttocks captured his attention. Just act normal..if he's watching you bake cookies. "Two weeks so far." Bobby said, watching the bra-clad breasts emerge from the parting top.

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