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Please see the list of words below, which is a partial list consisting mostly of proper names for which I have not yet found any pronunciations available.

If you find an expired link, typo, or other error, please email me to let me know. ], Arrhidaeus, Bardiya, Cestius (Gallus), Comma Johanneum, Etemenanki, Ezida, Gangites (River), Gaumata (Artaxerxes), Gobryas, Hecataeus, Labashi-Marduk, Paneas, Popilius, Ugbaru, Valerius (Gratus), (Lucius) Vitellius, Zabdas.

Clicking on the symbol (I) will link to the online copy of , such as comparison words from various Bible translations, word definitions, and other information of interest.

REFERENCE column: The REFERENCE heading in this chart usually includes at least one reference to illustrate usage for each word, either from the Bible if it is a Bible word, or from another publication if it is not a Bible word.

Aaron [Aar'on], Caesar [Cae'sar], Joshua [Josh'u·a], onycha [on'y·cha], papyrus [pa·py'rus], Sadducees [Sad'du·cees], shekel [shek'el], Zion [Zi'on].

Abagtha, Abarim, Abda, Abdeel, Abdi, Abdiel, Abdon, Abel Beth Maacah/Abel-beth-maacah, Abel Keramim/Abel-keramim/Abelkeramim, Abel-maim, Abel Shittim/Abel-shittim/Abelshittim, Abi Albon/Abi-Albon/Abi-albon/Abialbon, Abiasaph, Abida/Abidah, Abidan, Abiel, Abijah, Abijam, Abihud, Abishur, Abital, abrogation*, Achbor, Amel-Marduk*, Amil-Marduk*, Amorite, Asahiah, Asaiah, Astarte, Azekah, collop(s), despot, Gath, Gergesite, Girgashite, Girgasite, Hazar-addar, Massah Amminadab, Ammonite, Benjamin, Benjaminite, Benjamite, booty, Cherethites, Ephrath, Ephrathite, Hezron, hierarch*, homoousian*, homoousios*, Jeshua, Judah, Maktesh, Mithredath, Mithridates, Moab, Moabite, Moabitess, Ram/ram Assalam ‘alaikum*/as-salaam alaikum*, Beeri, Beltane*, Bethshan/Beth-shan/Beth Shan, Bethshean/Beth-shean/Beth Shean, consubstantiation*, eponymous*, Ethiopic*, eulogy, Geez*/Ge'ez*/Ge‘ez*, Marrano*/Marranos*, Meroitic*, paean*, Saba, sabachthani, sacrilegious, sadhe*, Sadoc, Sakti*, Salem, Salma, Sallai, Scythia*, Secundus, sedheq*, Lucius Septimius Severus*, Shama, Sheba, sickle, Sidrach, Walpurgis Night*.

(Letter “S” partially updated.)cud, Daberath, glede, Rabbith, Racal, Raddai, Ramath Mizpeh/Ramath-mizpeh/Ramathmizpeh, Ramoth, Ramath Gilead/Ramoth-gilead/Ramothgilead, rampart, Rapha/Raphah, Raphaim, Raphael, Reaia/Reaiah/Re'ayah, Rehabiah, Rephael, Rephaim, revere, reverence, reverend, Rezon, Riphath, Romamti-ezer/Romamtiezer, ruminant.

(June 2010): Replacements have been made for the letters A–G.

Phonics Note: For a synopsis of English phonic rules, see the following Web site: in new window) To those of you who use this chart with i Silo or similar programs, permission is granted to divide the document into smaller sections for faster loading.

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Thus not all variations in vowel pronunciations are actual mispronunciations.

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