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Validating asp net

In the following chapters, we will show examples of each of them.They all work in different ways, but essentially they do the same - they make sure that a form field has been properly filled by the user. NET MVC gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns and that gives you full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development. NET MVC includes many features that enable fast, TDD-friendly development for creating sophisticated applications that use the latest web standards.This article discusses how to validate information you get from users — that is, to make sure that users enter valid information in HTML forms in an ASP. What you'll learn: If you ask users to enter information in a page — for example, into a form — it's important to make sure that the values that they enter are valid.I am not expert in writing regular expressions so need your help. I want to validate date in "dd-MMM-yyyy" format i.e. Note Even if you use client-side validation, validation is always also performed in server code.Performing validation in server code is a security measure, in case users bypass client-based validation.

You can use them to constrain input, apply formatting rules, and check lengths. By using capturing groups to remember each set of digits, the same regular expression can be used to replace the subject text with precisely the format you want.

Recently i have posted how to validate email address in javascript, how to validate mobile number and email address in jquery and not i will show you how to validate mobile number using simple javascript or using regular expression in javascript.

below is the code for validating mobile number with enter only numeric, length must be 10 digits and restrict user to entering illegal characters.

You can add support to perform validation in client script.

In that case, the validation is performed as users work in the browser.

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For example, you don't want to process a form that's missing critical information.

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